Getting the Most from Your Wood Buying Bucks

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The Essential Wood Guide for Every Home Workshop Find, cut, and dry your own lumber.

This essential guide will save you money and expand your knowledge of wood. For the woodworker who wants to purchase wood wisely and save money by finding, cutting, and drying it on their own, this guide from the experts at American Woodworker is a must. Along with learning the most economical way to buy and process lumber, there are a number of how-to's in this book, including:

‧Interpreting rough lumber ‧Working with defects
‧Deciding which grade is most economical for the project
‧Re-sawing thick wood ‧Storing lumber
‧Using boards that are not perfect With expert advice, detailed drawings, and step-by-step photographs, this is a skill-expanding and       money-saving book that every woodworker needs.

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