Pen Case - Artificial Snake Skin

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‧Use for Pens or Pencils
‧Add value and show off the beauty of your pen or pencil
‧Holds up to 2 pens and/or pencils
‧Gold Trim
‧Spring hinges
‧Man made leather exterior
‧Box: 6 ¼” x 2 ¼” x 7/8”

Add value and show off your beautifully turned pens and pencils in these high quality handsome cases. Lined in black flannelette with man made leather covered exterior these presentation cases feature interiors with a retainer sash to keep your pen or pencil securely in place. Holds up to 2 pens and/or pencils, 5 ½” long . Gold trim with spring tension hinges which hold lid firmly open or closed.

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