Pen Blank Centering Vise (CO) / 1-1/2"

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• Reduces waste from Off-center Pen Blank Drilling
• Heavy Base for stability
• Eliminates the most difficult alignment issues with Pen blank Drilling
• Fully Adjustable for perfect Centers

All you need to complete your pen turning set is this pen blank centering vise. This vise simplifies the procedure of centering the bit on the pen blank and keeps it firmly in place when drilling the hole. This unique design is self centering and can hold any pen blank, wood or acrylic of up to 1-1/2” square. The knob adjustment makes original setup and changes very easy and it hold pen blanks firmly for accurate drilling with its threaded rod design. Simply clamp the blank, set it up under the drill bit, clamp the base and the center will work for every subsequent blank. This vise helps reduce waste from off-center pen blank drilling. Made from aluminium and steel.


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